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When you need innovative sign design, manufacturing, installation and/or a reliable sign maintenance program, Capital Sign Group is your go to, single source for facility branding and maintenance solutions.

Capital Sign Group has exceeded client expectations for over 20 years by offering a balanced focus on service, efficiency, and sustainability.

We lead the illuminated sign industry in delivering comprehensive signage solutions that meet the widest variety of needs.

We work with many high profile companies in the restaurant, retail, hotel, finance, petroleum, healthcare, corporate identification and gaming markets by providing innovative, comprehensive and consistent solutions to sign products, site conversions, image upgrades and maintenance requirements.

If you would like to contact us to discuss your sign program, please call our corporate office at 800-857-6828 or send an e-mail to info@capitalsigngroup.com.

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A Sign of Excellence

In other words, you will rarely see “assembly line” sign products. Each sign is handcrafted to exacting standards. Every sign is custom built by experts with unprecedented attention to detail. Our skilled craftsmen and high quality materials will assure you of a distinctive sign that will look new for many years to come.


Over 20 Years of Reliable Signage & Long Term Value

Capital Sign Group has been crafting quality business signage since 1997 and has grown to become one of largest commercial custom sign companies in nation. Annually, we produce more than 900 projects involving more than 4000 displays in all parts of the Continental United States. Customers large and small look to Capital Sign Group to meet their business signage needs.

As one of the leading commercial signs companies in the county, Capital Sign Group specializes in designing business signs for companies nationwide.
Advertise your business and increase profitability with a wide variety of traditional signage choices, including changeable business signs and business storefront signs. A premier LED sign manufacturer, Capital Sign Group also produces electronic advertising boards, gas price displays, and other digital sign options for all your company's custom display needs. 

Proven Satisfaction & Great Customer Service


Capital Sign Group is very proud and appreciative of the fact that we maintain a 71% repeat and 15% referral customer base.


Setting Sign Industry Standards


At Capital Sign Group, we are setting industry standardswith our 7-year warranty.


We provide on-time sign installation High Quality Products at a great value to our clients.



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